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To enhance the performance of access database, MS access uses indexing technique that generally proves favorable situations when there is need to operate huge database. The process of indexing help the users in eradicates the rows duplicity via primary key and unique key indexes. When access database get damaged due to storage of media having bad sectors, improper handling of indexes etc. which leads to loss of database. To fix such issues or to restore lost access database use best MDB Fix tool to recover access database.

Steps Need To Take Save Access Database After Index Corruption

  • In Menu bar, Select Database Tool >> Relationships
  • Delete relationships which are linked with inaccessible tables.
  • In Table design view, open indexes, delete them, save and close them.
  • In the navigation pane (on left hand side), copy paste table and rename it( select structure option only).
  • If all records are available, run a query and attach the records to new table with append query.
  • Now check all records are available in new table, if yes then delete old records.
  • Now make use of Compact and Repair Database facility which is available in Database Tools. Rename the new table and regenerate the relationships and indexes.

This is the solution to get rid of troubleshooting situation. If this will not work then use third party tool to repair access database. In Market arena there are so many solutions are available to restore lost access database. Use an perfect and advance access repair tool to recover access database which will revive corrupted access database in very few seconds without any loss of database.

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